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Our main meal of the day is at lunchtime, between 11.30 am and 12.15 pm. All meals are cooked and prepared in our own kitchen. Children are also allowed to come with their pack lunches if the parents prefer it but we do not warm up food in the setting.

We ensure that children are offered a well-balanced and nutritious diet. There is always a vegetarian option and our menus are posted up in the entrance hall for you to see. The menus are changed weekly so that your child will get the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods. When your child begins attending Nursery you will be asked about their cultural background, dietary requirements, allergies and food preferences. We will cater for these requirements.

Meals are sociable occasions, adults and children get the chance to interact and enjoy their meal together. We always encourage children to serve and feed themselves using a spoon and a fork. As they get older we encourage them to use a knife. These are important skills that your child will practise daily.

In addition to our well balanced meals we provide healthy snacks during the day such as fruits, salad, cheese or crackers with fresh water and milk.

A sample menu is shown below, full menu plans area available for you to see either on your visit or in your welcome pack, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.

Sample Menu

Below is a sample menu to give you an idea of what meals we serve, vegetarian options are always available and are highlighted in the table.




Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack




Choice of three different cereals






Bread and butter



White bread fingers with apple chunks

Pasta Bake with sweetcorn


Tomato pasta bake

Fresh fruit salad

Cucumber and carrot sticks with crackers and soft cheese

Spanish Omelette with salad served with a slice of Wholemeal bread


Pitta bread fingers with humus dip and cucumber Sticks

Chicken casserole with rice and peas

or Quorn casserole

Apple crumble and custard

Cheese and crackers

Beans on toast


Yoghurt and chive dip with carrot sticks

Salmon and Pollock bake with green beans


Tomato pasta bake

Rice pudding and jam

Raisin bread with butter

Potato wedges with Tomato and sweetcorn salsa


Toast and grapes

Chicken and vegetable pie with cabbage


Vegetable pie

Fresh fruit jelly

Bread sticks with apple chunks

Tuna and sweetcorn pasta with cucumber sticks


Peaches and mango chunks

Lamb curry with rice and sweetcorn


Lentil curry

Fairy cake

Oranges and apples

Fish fingers with wholemeal bread and tomato dip



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