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Great Child Nursery and Pre-School is owned by Great Child Company Limited. We are a nursery that takes pride in providing quality care for children in a cosy and homely environment. We are open Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm except Bank Holidays and Christmas.
We adhere to the legal requirements governed by Ofsted which incorporates many different nursery policies and procedures including Equal Opportunities, Special Educational Needs, Behaviour Management and Child Protection. These policies are available to view at the nursery.
We aim to provide our children with planned and structured activities in a warm and happy environment in which they can learn and grow individually and collectively as part of a community.
The Nursery strictly adheres to the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum for all children from birth to the age of five years.
The EYFS framework ensures a consistent approach to care, learning and development and enables practitioners to plan the learning that is right for each child at each stage of their development.

It is an integrated approach to care and education which is play-based, following the interests of the children in the seven area of learning.
This Areas of Learning are grouped into two - Prime Area and Specific Areas.

Prime Areas
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Communication and Language

Specific Areas:
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design Exploring

Romford Nursery

42 Mawney Road

Telephone : 01708912584 / 07415336854
Email : admin@greatchild.co.uk

Tilbury Nursery

110 Dock Road
Tilbury Town
RM18 7BT

Tel: 01375843155 / 07735190901
Email: greatchilddaynursery@greatchild.co.uk

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