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Children are cared for in a safe and happy environment in well equipped, age specific rooms. Please see our Gallery page for photographs of the setting. We use a variety of learning tools, catering for the need of all our children at different stages of their development. Welfare and safety of children is of our utmost priority and therefore we ensure that all facilities are maintained well and regular safety inspections are carried out. A daily report is provided giving an outline on the child’s activities through the day. Babies and toddlers report carries information on how long they have slept, what they have eaten etc. Preschool report outlines topic work and other activities carried out during the day. Monthly newsletter is also given out to parents to inform them about what will be happening in their child’s group that month.
The Nursery also has day outings for the children parents/carers, grandparents and staff. We also take our children for walks in the park or occasional trip to the cinema with parents consent. We feel this provides us with the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed way. We also believe that children learn a lot from going on these outings.
Children are offered snacks of fruits and regular drinks of milk or water throughout the day. Fresh water is available at all times. We promote healthy eating and ask for sweets, chocolates and crisps not to be brought into nursery.

Though we are a new nursery our management team and staff are highly qualified and experience.
We employ a high ratio of staff to ensure the children attending our setting are given an excellent start to their early years.
Daily activities are planned carefully to provide a wide range of exciting play opportunities and to develop basic skills and the knowledge necessary for a smooth start into the world. Our staff ensures that activities are tailored to meet children’s individual needs and gives opportunities for each child to be supported and extended where appropriate. They also assess children regularly so that they can quickly identify areas of need and provide extra help and support. Our aim is to provide a happy and safe environment where all children can develop to their full potential. We believe that early childhood is the foundation for a child’s journey through life. Each stage of development and learning should be valued and respected in its own right.
We welcome all children aged birth to 5 years and endeavour to meet their individual needs.


42 Mawney Road
Telephone: 01708912584 / 07415336854
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The Nursery is situated Off Como Street, Beside Mawney Foundation School

Nursery Manager: Shelley Vickers
Deputy Manager

Romford Nursery

42 Mawney Road

Telephone : 01708912584 / 07415336854
Email :

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