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Great Child - Tilbury Baby Room

Baby Room (0-2 years)

In baby we enjoy exploring toys of our own interest , we base our activities around sensory play , this involves lots of messy play such as shaving foam, mark making using car wheels and paint to make a track, exploring toys in porridge oats. We also enjoy doing lots of hand painting.  

Great Child - Tilbury Toddler Room

Toddler Room (2-3 years)

Toddler room focuses on three areas of learning within The EYFS these are communication and language , PSED and Physical development .In toddler room we help the children learn to be more independent such as pouring water from a jug into a cup at meal times. We also do a lot more adult led activities based on the children's interest such as adding sand and treasure into a sensory tray to allow the children to be pirates and search for the treasure. We also do lots of mark making such as drawing around shapes , using chalks , crayons and pencils.

Great Child - Tilbury Preschool Room

Preschool Room (3-5 years)

In preschool room we involve lots focus activities along with free play that covers all areas of learning that are stated within The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)  . These activities involve learning our phonics using a jolly phonics song , that involves doing actions to the sounds. we also begin to write letters of our name and numbers. we also learn shapes and draw them.





Great Child - Tilbury Outside Great Child - Tilbury Outside Great Child - Tilbury Outside

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