How does the settling in process work?
We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of every child having a really good settling-in period. We understand how difficult this process can be, for both the child, and for the parents. Firstly, we offer a FREE settling in session (1 hour) for every child. During this session, the parent can stay at the setting with the child, meet their child’s key worker, and discuss their child’s personality, their routine, their likes and dislikes etc. We think this is an important tool to use in terms of getting to know your child’s key worker, as this will be the nursery nurse who spends the most time with your child. You have the flexibility to use this session as you please, however we do recommend that you leave your child with us, at least for a short while during the session, as a way of gently introducing the separation process. We have an open door policy and so we encourage you to talk to us about any worries you have regarding the settling-in period for your child. Our managers adopt a very personal approach to the service and we offer regular phone calls or txt messages to keep you updated on your child’s progress as well as an online learning journey and tracking service for parents– Tapestry.

How will I know what my child has been up to at Nursery?
Your child’s key worker will document information about your child’s day in a feedback book.
The information includes:
What your child has eaten and how much
When your child had a nap and how long for
All of your child’s nappy changes
The activities they have taken part in and what they enjoyed the most
Learning that has taken place
How settled they have been during the day
Any additional messages
The child’s keyperson will provide you with verbal feedback and this will give you the opportunity to discuss anything you may need to. The manager is also available at all times should you need to speak to them.
We are also in the process of trailing tapestry which allows you to access photos and view videos and work that your child has completed securely and safely online.

How do I pay my childcare fees?
On registration the managers can arrange a permanent payment agreement which suits you. We ask that payments are made in advance on the 1st of the month. Alternatively, are able to make arrangements for customers to pay weekly should you wish to do so but this will need to be agreed with management at the time of registration. Should you feel that you may be entitled to some support with regards to childcare costs, please do not hesitate to seek advice from our experienced managers who may be able to give you more information. Payments are by bank transfer or by card payment at the setting.
Please see Manager for Bank details.
We do not accept cash payments at the setting. 

What if my child is unwell during their session?
Within the registration form, you are asked to sign to confirm that we can administer Calpol in the event of your child’s temperature rising. If we feel that your child is still unwell following Calpol, or if we do not have permission to administer the Calpol, we will firstly attempt to contact the child’s parents. If we are unable to contact parents, we will then attempt to reach the emergency contacts provided within the child’s registration form. If your child has prescribed medication to take throughout the day, the parent/guardian who drops the child off at nursery must complete and sign a medication form. We do have an “exclusion due to illness” policy in place at the setting which applies for certain illnesses including but not, limited to sickness, chicken pox, measles, mumps and meningitis. The management at the setting are able to provide you with this policy information should it be required. Please note that if your child does not attend their session due to illness, you must still pay for your child’s space at the nursery. 

How do I discuss my child’s development? 
We hold termly parents evening at the setting whereby each parent can book a timeslot to speak with their child’s key worker. During the meeting the child’s learning journal and progress reports will be available to view and discuss. We also display the children’s work and photographs of your children for you to see. Managers are also available to talk to at the parents evening. In addition to this, we have an open door policy whereby we encourage our parents to pop in and chat with us about their child’s needs and/or any concerns at any time. Your child’s key worker will also be available on a daily basis to discuss your child’s progress and chat about any issues. 

When is the nursery open?
We are open from 8am-6pm Term-Time Only (Tilbury) 8am – 6pm (Romford), Monday to Friday, for 51 weeks of the year. The only closures at the setting are for Christmas and Bank Holidays. We also have Early Start from 7am or Late Finish by 7pm at an additional charge.

How do I arrange childcare if I work different shift patterns every week?
The management team fully understand how difficult it can be to arrange childcare around your work patterns and we try to be as accommodating as possible. On registration we will discuss your shift patterns and assess the availability of the sessions your child will need. If you are only able to inform us of your required childcare on a weekly basis, it is important that you inform us of the days and times that you require by the Thursday of the week prior. On registration, you will be made aware that you have two options in this case. You may wish to pay for a full-time space in order to ensure that your child’s session is saved for every day. Alternatively, if you only wish to pay for the sessions you have used, you will be informed that, although we aim to be as accommodating as possible, we cannot guarantee that your required shifts will be available every week.a

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